Scoping Study



Based on the overwhelming community support for an indoor aquatic facility demonstrated in the Community Survey, the DIAC Steering Committee has undertaken a detailed study of the feasibility of a facility. The results of these investigations are presented in our Scoping Study.  

The Scoping Study involved:

  • Analysis of community demographics from  Australian Bureau of Statistics 
  • A review of existing facilities in the Shire and nearby townships 
  • A community survey to gauge support and to gather ideas and suggestions for the required facilities 
  • Analysis of health data from relevant government health departments 
  • Review of medical research literature on health benefits of exercise and of aquatic-based exercise in particular
  • Review of comparable facilities in neighbouring shires including an analysis of available budget and management data
  • Identification and prioritisation of facility components to best meet the needs of the community
  • Analysis of potential sites
  • Assessment of the financial feasibility of the proposed facility 
  • Analysis of the energy needs of the proposed facility and an assessment of the feasibility of environmentally sustainable operation 
  • Discussions with key informants

The Scoping Study has been presented to Hepburn Shire Council and is made available here for members of the community. Click on the link below to view the complete Scoping Study.

Scoping Study

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