DIAC Committee

DIAC President, Mark Rac (Centre), with Tim Bach (left) and Anita Payne (right).

In 2017, We formed an incorporated Association with a Steering Committee to guide the development of the Association. At our first AGM in November 2018, we elected a Committee to continue the work of the Association. 

The elected Committee members are:

Executive Members


Mark Rac (pictured centre)

Chairman, Daylesford and District Community Bank

Vice President

Tim Bach (pictured left)

Adjunct Associate Professor, La Trobe University


Lesley Hewitt

Secretary, Riding for the Disabled Association, Daylesford

Board member, Hepburn Health




Darren Carnell

Architect, Director, Darren Carnell Architects

Mark De Vecchi

Anita Payne (pictured right)

Director, Grow Communications

Greg Thompson

Director, Daylesford Accommodation Escapes

Dr Greg Stewart

Director, Springs Medical Centre

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