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It's Time for an Indoor Aquatic Centre in Daylesford!


Our Current Swimming Pool

The Daylesford Olympic Pool opened in 1972. It was built from community funds raised by hard working and enthusiastic community members and has served the community well for over 45 years.

Unfortunately, the existing pool no longer meets the needs of all of our community. The pool is unheated and is only open for 14 weeks of the year. Attendance varries with the weather with as many as 10,000 visits in some years (1.3 visits per resident per year) and as few as 3,000 visits in others (0.4 visits per resident per year). The facilities are dated and greatly in need of major renovation. 

The community has developed since the original pool was constructed. The population has grown considerably and the town is now a tourist destination attracting nearly a million visitors each year.

Demand for an indoor aquatic facility to cater predominantly for community health purposes has been identified in recent community surveys and in feasibility studies dating back 20 years or more. Development of an indoor aquatic centre is consistent with the community’s desires to support local community participation in sport, recreation and community life. A year round indoor facility would cater for in excess of 200,000 visits per year and offer wider access to aquatic facilities, and substantial health benefits for the community. 

Development of a new facility that supports local community access can be justified from social equity, health and community building perspectives.        


DIAC Association

A group of enthusiastic Daylesford Community members has been working on an intiative to establish an indoor aquatic centre for the community. The Daylesford Indoor Aquatic Centre, or DIAC, would be a year-round, heated indoor swimming pool to cater for the sporting, recreational and health needs of the community.

Our group, the DIAC Association, has established a Committee consisting of community leaders from business, health and education sectors who share an enthusiasm for improving recreational facilities in the community. Read more About DIAC and meet members of the DIAC Steering Committee under About Us from the menu at the top of the page.

We have conducted a Community Survey to establish the extent of support for a facility and to obtain information about the facilities and activities which should be planned. Read the Results of the Community Survey in the Reports section.

Based on the survey, we have developed a Scoping Study about the feasibility of an indoor aquatic facility. We presented the results of our Scoping Study to Hepburn Shire Council in February 2018. Read the complete Scoping Study in our Reports section.

You can join our Association and become part of the move to establish a Daylesford Indoor Aquatic Centre.

It's Time!

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